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DFG cooperation

In November 2005 the first phase of negotiation between the Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) about possible cooperation has been finished. It resulted in signing of a Memorandum of Understanding of Scientific Cooperation. The aim of this Memorandum is to establish and increase cooperation between researchers and institutions of these two countries in research and development area and to enable the exchange of information and techniques and the use of specialized equipment available in the countries involved.

The agreement of cooperation involves all areas of basic (frontier) research. Bilateral project proposals should meet all criteria required by DFG and GA CR. The Joint Call for Proposals is published once in a year (the first Call was published in 2006) with total project’s duration of two to three years. Proposals for bilateral projects have to be based on mutually complementary methodologies. The projects should have one Czech and one German principle investigator. Within GA CR are proposals submitted via online system.

With respect to bilateral projects, the evaluation is conducted independently in both partner organizations. In case of GA CR, the evaluation of project proposals is based on a bottom-up peer review system – panel system and foreign reviewers. On the German side, DFG is ready to receive project applications continuously throughout the year. Collected proposals are considered in assessment panels, which also meet continuously throughout the year. To ensure a preferably parallel processing of the joint projects and reaching the final decision on both sides preferably at the same time, DFG recommends that the German cooperation partners may apply for funding at DFG within GA CR´s given deadline.

German applicants have to submit their project proposal to DFG not later than 3 April, 2018
Submission Deadline to GACR: 11 April 2018
Project Duration: 2–3 years
Expected end of Evaluation: December 2018
Expected start of Awarded projects: 1 January 2019

Within DFG, received project proposals are evaluated in review panels, which meet once in three or four months. The contact persons for collaboration with GA CR at DFG’s Department for International Cooperation are Dr. Jörn Achterberg, joern.achterberg@dfg.de, tel. +49(228) -885 2494 and Mrs. Sabine Fonseca, tel.: +49 228 885 2442, sabine.fonseca@dfg.de. To discuss the conditions of this call, German applicants are recommended to call these contact persons only.

For more detailed information (in German) please visit DFG.