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Basic information about the international research projects evaluated on the basis of the Lead Agency principle (LA projects)

A Call for bilateral proposals in basic research is announced jointly by cooperating research funding organizations. The aim of the Call is to provide support to joint international research projects. Mutual cooperation between research teams described in project proposals should be justified. Project proposals must show a clear added value of joint research as well as a close cooperation between expert teams.

Joint project proposals are evaluated on the basis of the Lead Agency principle. All proposals are evaluated only by one partner organization involved, i.e. “Leading Agency“- LA, on the basis of a mutual agreement. Project proposals should be prepared in accordance with formal instructions and rules of the LA and subsequently submitted to the LA.

The LA ensures that the whole evaluation process is compliant with its common procedures, rules and decision-making process. Each research funding organization funds its national part of awarded projects in accordance with the approved budget proposal.

Project proposals can be submitted in all research areas of basic research. The areas are divided into following disciplines:

  1. Technical sciences
  2. Physical sciences
  3. Medical and Biological sciences
  4. Social sciences and Humanities
  5. Agricultural and Biological/environmental sciences

A budget of the project proposal is to be suggested separately by partner side and the Czech side in accordance with nation-specific financial (accounting) rules and procedures.

A joint project proposal is submitted to the LA according to its rules and procedures. Project proposals should include the following information (in addition to the criteria described in LA principles):

  • specification of work distribution between both partners
  • expected added value of research team cooperation
  • justification of both parts of the budget proposal

In case that a partner research funding organization is the LA, the Czech applicant submits to the GA CR the Czech budget proposal and the other information needed for eligibility assessment of the applicant and other relevant information. Also the Czech applicant submits to the GA CR a copy of the project proposal submitted to the LA. The GA CR considers the formal aspects of project proposals with respect to the Czech legal system as well as an adequacy of the budget proposal. LA projects are awarded only after the approval by both organizations (GA CR and the partner research funding organization).