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MOST cooperation

On 3 November 2008 a Memorandum of Understanding on Research Cooperation between the Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), formerly National Science Council of Taiwan (NSC), was signed by the presidents of both organizations on the occasion of a ceremony in hotel Imperial in Prague. The main objective of this Memorandum is to establish and increase cooperation in research and development between researchers and institutions of these two countries and to enable easier exchange of information and techniques in the areas of common interest.

The agreement of cooperation involves all areas of basic research. Bilateral project proposals should meet all criteria required by the Czech Science Foundation and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Call for proposals is published once in a year (the first Call was published in 2009) with total project’s duration of two to three years. Proposals for bilateral projects have to be based on mutually complementary methodologies. Within GA CR are proposals submitted via online system.

Submission Deadline to GACR: 11 April 2018
Project Duration: 3 years
Expected end of Evaluation: December 2018
Expected start of Awarded projects: 1 January 2019

With respect to bilateral projects, the evaluation is conducted independently in both partner organizations. In case of GA CR, the evaluation of project proposals is based on a bottom-up peer review system – panel system and foreign reviewers. The final decision on the funding of the bilateral research projects depends on final approval from both research funding organizations (MOST and GA CR).

In order to apply for a joint research project with the Czech partners, the applicants from Taiwan shall submit their part of the project proposals to MOST not later than 30 May of the respektive year. For more information, please visit MOST

Contact person at MOST for the bilateral cooperation with GA CR is:
prof. Sam Sy-Sang Liaw, Ph.D.
tel.: +420 235 312 715
e-mail: ssliaw@mostgov.tw