Taiwan MOST Academic Grants for Visiting Ukrainian Scholars

To show concern for the crisis in Ukraine, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (MOST) is providing academic grants for visiting Ukrainian scholars recruited by universities or research institutions.

Eligibility: Ph.D. research scholars with Ukrainian citizenship resided in Ukraine before the crisis.

Field of expertise: unrestricted

The academic grants will cover: 1) About $2250 (USD) per month (at least) for the recruited personnel’s living expenses, 2) a round trip airline ticket for the recruited personnel, their spouses, and two of his/her direct relatives will be subsidized (no more than 4 people including the recruited personnel).

Duration: 3 months (with the possibility of extension up to 1 year)

Notes: Advanced knowledge of English is expected. The qualified candidates will be invited for a short online interview. After that the MOST will assist the candidate in finding the host professor in Taiwan. There is only a very low possibility that there will be no suitable hosting professor for the candidate.

Every applicant needs to fill the following form and send his/her CV (up to 3 pages) to the following e-mail address: ccw@most.gov.tw



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