Evaluation Panels are expert bodies of the Discipline Committees. The Panels prepare internal peer reviews of the submitted project proposals and prepare recommendations for the Discipline Committees meetings. The members of individual Panels are appointed by the Presidium generally for a two-year term with the possibility of two consecutive terms at maximum. GACR consists of 39 expert Panels.

  • Technical Sciences
  • P101 Mechanical Engineering
  • P102 Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering
  • P103 Cybernetics , artificial intelligence and Information Processing
  • P104 Construction Materials, Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • P105 Structural Mechanics and Construction, Fluid Mechanics and Geotechnics
  • P106 Technical Chemistry
  • P107 Metallic Materials – Preparation and Properties
  • P108 Materials Sciences and Engineering
  • Physical Sciences
  • P202 Mathematics and Computer Science
  • P203 Nuclear and Particle Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • P204 Condensed Matter and Material Physics, Plasma Physics and Low Temperature Physics
  • P205 Biophysics, Macromolecular Physics and Optics
  • P206 Analytical Chemistry – Chemical and Structural Analysis of Atomic, Molecular and (Bio)Molecular Systems
  • P207 Chemical and Biochemical Transformations
  • P208 Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry
  • P209 Atmospheric Sciences, Hydrology, Physical Geography and Geophysics
  • P210 Geochemistry, geology and mineralogy, hydrogeology
  • Medical and Biological Sciences
  • P301 Molecular and Structural Biology, Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • P302 Microbiology, Parasitology, Immunology and Biotechnology
  • P303 Cell, Developmental and Evolutionary Biology
  • P304 Tumor Biology, Experimental Oncology, Morphological Disciplines and Pathology
  • P305 Medical Physiology and Neuroscience, Diagnostics and Therapy, Translational research
  • P306 Pharmacology, Toxicology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Biophysics
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • P401 Philosophy, Theology, Religious Studies
  • P402 Economic Sciences, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics (except Financial Econometrics), Quantitative Methods in Economics (except Operational Research)
  • P403 Business and Management Science, Financial Econometrics and Operational Research
  • P404 Sociology, Demography, Social Geography and Media Studies
  • P405 Archeology and Pre-Modern History (until 1780)
  • P406 Linguistics and Literature
  • P407 Psychology, Pedagogy
  • P408 Juridical Science and Political Science
  • P409 Art Sciences
  • P410 Modern History (since 1780) and Ethnology
  • Agricultural and Biological-environmental Sciences
  • P501 Plant Physiology and Genetics, Plant Medicine
  • P502 Animal Physiology and Genetics, Veterinary Medicine
  • P503 Food science, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry
  • P504 Landscape Management, Forestry and Soil Biology, Ecosystem Ecology
  • P505 Animal and Plant Ecology
  • P506 Botany and Zoology

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