GACR President’s awards

The GACR President´s awards is awarded by the President of the Czech Science Foundation since the year of 2003 as an appreciation of outstanding results achieved within projects funded by GACR and focused on basic research.

GACR President´s awards in 2017

The archaeologist Gabriela Blažková described ‘’treasures’’ found in the renaissance waste pits at the Prague Castle
Mgr. Gabriela Blažková, Ph.D. The project of archaeologist Gabriela Blažková from the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences was aimed at the treasures found at the bottom of the renaissance sink water pit at the Prague Castle. During the course of the project, more than 680 pieces of crockery and 250 pieces of glass objects were found. The main outcome of this project is a bilingual (Czech-English) monograph covering all the findings and their usage.

Jiří Kopáček: Natural course of forest regeneration after the bark beetle infestation as the best solution for protected mountain forest areas
Prof. Ing. Jiří Kopáček, Ph.D. The foremost Czech hydro-biologist Professor Jiří Kopáček was researching the effects of the bark beetle calamity in 2004 on the forest, soil and water ecosystems of the Šumava region in the Czech Republic. The project lasted five years and scientists from three different institutions in the Czech Republic collaborated on it. The project results show that non-interference and natural course of forest regeneration should be considered as one of the most effective ways of forestation in the areas affected by the bark beetle.

Project of Ivana Orlitová provided better understanding of the space’s creation and development
Mgr. Ivana Orlitová, Ph.D. Dr Ivana Orlitová from the Institute of Astronomy of the Czech Academy of Sciences specialises in observing galaxies and active galactic nuclei in optical and ultraviolet field. In cooperation with an international team of scientists, Dr Ivana Orlitová was able to prove the existence of ionising radiation escape from galaxies and thus contribute to solving one of the fundamental astronomical questions concerning the sources of radiation which ionised the cosmos in its beginnings. The scientist primarily concentrated on the hypothesis that the ionisation was caused by the largest stars in galaxies. The young scientist was granted the possibility to use the Hubble telescope located in the Earth’s orbit. The scientific team has chosen five compact dwarf galaxies for the observations. The observations during the course of the project proved the existence of ionising radiation escape in all five monitored dwarf galaxies which is thus far the most significant confirmation of this phenomenon.

Project of the Czech molecular-biologist Michaela Rumlová brought new hope for HIV patients
Dr. Ing. Michaela Rumlová Project of the Czech molecular-biologist Michaela Rumlová, who is currently working at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, is aimed at the characterisation of interactions necessary for the creation of retroviral particles and for the development of methods of testing HIV inhibitors. Michaela Rumlová’s team was able to solve the detail structure of the HIV retroviral particles. This will enable scientists to work directly on substances which can inhibit the composition of retroviral particles. In the scope of this project, scientists developed an effective large-scale screening method, which was also patented.

Professor Lukáš Sekanina developed unique methods for evolutionary design of complex digital circuits at global leve
Prof. Ing. Lukáš Sekanina, Ph.D. Professor Lukáš Sekanina, an expert in the field of computer systems, who is currently working at the Faculty of the information technologies in Brno, and his team developed new methods which enable the optimisation of digital circuits used in computer architectures. The research of Professor Lukáš Sekanina proved that it is possible to evolutionarily devise complicated electronic circuits. The results of this praised project aroused large response even abroad. The results were published and quoted worldwide in artificial and computational intelligence publications.

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