Evaluation process of Standard Projects, PIF and International Projects


The goal of GACR is to support scientific excellence across all fields of study. The evaluation process for Project Proposals is carried out according to criteria laid down in the relevant tender documentation on the basis of the “peer review” system and mutual comparison. The end goal is the maximization of professionalism, transparency and independence of evaluation. All project reviewers are bound by a strict Code of Conduct.

General Principles

  • At least two independent evaluations for each Project Proposal; if possible, two evaluations from abroad for Project Proposals proceeding to Phase 2 of the evaluation
  • Those taking part in the evaluation process are bound by a Code of Conduct, which includes confidentiality and professionality; in the case of a conflict of interest, they are excluded from the evaluation of the given projects
  • The length of the review period is set by law to be at most 8 months long.

Three levels of evaluation

In each phase, the Project is evaluated on three levels:

  • 1. GACR Presidium – makes its final decisions on what Projects to fund on the basis of the recommendations of expert advisory bodies, the financial capabilities of GACR and the financial requirements of the Projects
  • 2. Discipline Committees – expert advisory bodies per Law No. 130/2002 Sb.
  • 3. Evaluation Panels – the expert bodies of discipline committees



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