Evaluation based on the Lead Agency principle (LA projects)

On 27 May 2013, GACR signed, on the occasion of GRC Summit in Berlin, the Memorandum of Understanding of Scientific Cooperation in basic research with the Austrian organisation Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF). This Czech-Austrian bilateral cooperation constitutes an entirely new group of grant projects where the evaluation process is based on a Lead Agency (LA) principle. This cooperation provides an opportunity for the Czech scientists and scientific teams to submit project proposals in basic research in cooperation with Austrian colleagues.

The evaluation process is carried out by only one agency – the one having the role of Lead Agency and follows regulations of the Lead Agency. GACR and FWF agreed that in 2020 FWF will further act as a Lead Agency. First call for submitting proposals was announced in 2013.

Main principles:
• Proposals are to be submitted to one agency only – the Lead Agency.
• The evaluation is based on a peer review system.
• Maximum project duration is 3 years.
• Projects with justified team cooperation from the Czech Republic and Austria.
• The call is open to all areas of scientific research.
• Each provider funds only the part of the joint international projects dealt with by the entities (individuals or research teams) of its own country.
• Budgets reflect principles of bilateral cooperation (there are no budget restrictions on either side but the costs need to be eligible.
• During carrying out of the project, national laws and legal regulations apply (for Czech applicants – Act No. 130/2002 Coll. on the Support of Research and Development from Public Funds and on the Amendment to Some Related Acts (the Act on the Support of Research and Development), Accounting Act etc.)

Lead Agency Procedure

Both applicants, Czech and Austrian shall prepare and submit only one joint project proposal to FWF. Applications must be prepared in accordance with formal guidelines of the Lead Agency. Applications will be processed by the Lead Agency according to its standard evaluation and decision making procedures.

Czech applicants need to send the copy of the project proposal by email together with necessary GACR application forms (containing information about the Czech applicant, the research team, the financial requirements of the Czech applicant, the solemn declaration, attestation of competence and any special authorisation – § 18 section (2) b) of Act No. 130/2002 Coll.).

Based on the submitted information, GACR carries out a formal control and evaluates the overall budget adequacy of the grant project proposal. Upon exchanging result with the LA agency, an evaluation of the submitted project proposal will take place in accordance with the FWF guidelines and procedures.

The result of the FWF evaluation serves as a basis for GACR´s final funding decision. The project proposal may be funded only if both partner agencies recommend it.

The contract with a Czech applicant is concluded with GACR.

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