The President of the Czech Science Foundation along with the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation awarded the five best scientific projects 29. 9. 2022

On Thursday, 29 September, five scientists from various fields of basic research received the President’s Award of the Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) for outstanding achievements. This was the 19th award ceremony in history – for the first time it was presented by Petr Baldrian, appointed President of GACR last year, together with the Minister for […]

US and Czech scientists collaborate to explore gamma-ray production with high power lasers 1. 7. 2022

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Czech Science Foundation (GACR) are funding a new collaborative project of scientists from the University of California San Diego in the U.S. and ELI Beamlines (Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences) in the Czech Republic which aims to leverage the capabilities of the ELI […]

Prof. Martin Hartl takes over Technical Sciences 5. 4. 2022

Professor Ing. Martin Hartl, Ph.D., has become a member of the Presidium of the Czech Science Foundation, where he will be responsible for Technical Sciences for the next four years. He replaces Prof. Ing. Rostislav Drochytka, CSc., MBA, dr. h. c., who resigned from the Presidium after becoming the Dean of the Faculty of Civil […]

Information on DFG measures for cooperations with Russia due to the situation in Ukraine 21. 3. 2022

For proposals with DFG please note: Due to the situation in Ukraine the DFG is currently not accepting new proposals or renewal proposals that involve German-Russian cooperation. This applies also to Weave proposals that DFG receives as lead or partner agency. Proposals that have already been submitted are suspended until further notice and will not […]

New Publication to Help Early-Career Scientists Navigate through Grant Schemes 7. 3. 2022

Funding for early-career scientists is one of the priorities of the Czech Science Foundation (GACR). In order to facilitate navigation through grant tenders and their terms and conditions, the Czech Science Foundation has prepared a clear overview titled “Czech Science Foundation for Early-Career Scientists”. “The goal of the Czech Science Foundation is to cultivate world-class […]

Support for Ukrainian Scientists and Students 25. 2. 2022

The Czech Science Foundation (GACR) is aware of the complicated situation of Ukrainian students and scientists. To help them, GACR: Recommends that investigation teams expand their teams with scientists and students from Ukraine. In 2022, this expansion is possible without the need of approval by the GACR Presidium. Asks applicants in this year’s public calls […]

Tenders for 2023 Announced 15. 2. 2022

The Czech Science Foundation (GACR) is announcing calls for proposals for tenders in the area of Standard Projects, EXPRO, JUNIOR STAR, POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP, and International and Lead Agency projects. The submission deadline is 7 April. The winners will be announced in November and December this year. Projects which win funding after passing the multi-stage […]

Czech Science Foundation to Fund Nearly 500 New Research Projects 6. 12. 2021

The Czech Science Foundation (GACR) has selected over 477 research projects to be funded starting next year. The topics of the projects chosen by the scientists are from all areas of basic research, the main aim of which is to produce new findings. The projects were selected under various grant calls – the selected projects […]

Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Petr Baldrian, Ph.D., Appointed to Head the Czech Science Foundation 10. 11. 2021

The Government appointed Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Petr Baldrian, Ph.D., to the position of President of the Czech Science Foundation (GACR). At the same time, Prof. MUDr. Milan Jirsa, CSc., was appointed Presidium Member in charge of medical and biological sciences. “I am honoured to be able to build on the good work of Dr. Alice […]

Prestigious JUNIOR STAR Grants to be Awarded to 16 Scientists in the Early Stages of their Careers 2. 11. 2021

Starting next year, the Czech Science Foundation (GACR) will fund 16 projects that won the JUNIOR STAR tender. The goal of the five-year projects with a budget of up to CZK 25 million aim to support the best of scientists in their early-stage careers within 8 years of completing their Ph.D. programmes. They will be […]


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