Tenders for 2024 Projects 13. 2. 2023

The Czech Science Foundation (GACR) is announcing calls for proposals for tenders in the area of Standard Projects, JUNIOR STAR, POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP, and International and Lead Agency projects. The submission deadline is 4 April. The winners will be announced in November this year. Projects which win funding after passing the multi-stage evaluation process will […]

Scientists of the Czech Republic and Croatia to Work Together 7. 2. 2023

The Czech Science Foundation (GACR) and the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) have agreed on cooperating. Researchers from both countries will be able to submit proposals for joint scientific projects. Projects worth several million crowns a year are expected to receive funding. “Croatia is not only a summer holiday destination, but also a country that cultivates […]

What public tenders will GACR be announcing this year? 20. 1. 2023

As every year, GACR will announce the Standard Projects tender this year, which is aimed at all scientists. Other announced tenders will include International Projects, in which joint projects can be proposed by investigators from two or more countries, and the JUNIOR STAR and POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP projects for scientists at the beginning of their […]

Czech scientists will work with the USA in the area of cybersecurity 16. 1. 2023

The Czech Science Foundation (GACR) has successfully expanded its cooperation with the largest American grant agency, the National Science Foundation (NSF). Henceforth, scientists from both countries will be able to co-operate on scientific projects in the field of cybersecurity. It is expected that several million CZK a year will be expended in the support of […]

Czech Science Foundation to Fund over 500 New Projects Starting this January 2. 12. 2022

In its largest grant scheme, the Czech Science Foundation (GACR) will fund 459 new projects in all areas of research starting next year. These projects will receive CZK 3.5 billion over the next three years. In addition to Standard Projects, the results of the POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP tender for early-career scientists have been announced. Together […]

Nearly CZK 1 bn Earmarked for Highly Selective EXPRO and JUNIOR STAR Projects 4. 11. 2022

The Czech Science Foundation (GACR) will fund 10 new EXPRO projects and 23 JUNIOR STAR projects starting next year. These prestigious schemes both aim to promote scientific excellence through superior conditions – EXPRO is designed for seasoned scientists who have a groundbreaking idea, whereas JUNIOR STAR will allow outstanding scientists in their early careers to […]

New Evaluation Panel Members Wanted 17. 10. 2022

Every year, the Czech Science Foundation (GACR) receives over three thousand project proposals from all areas of basic research. Over 400 renowned experts help to select the best ones. As the terms in office of about half of them are coming to an end in March 2023, the GACR is launching a call for nominations […]

Associate Professor Martina Hřebíčková taking over Social Sciences and Humanities, professor Martin Hartl becomes Vice-President 12. 10. 2022

Effective from October, the Czech government appointed doc. PhDr. Martina Hřebíčková, DSc., member of the Presidium who will be responsible for Social Sciences and Humanities. In this position, she succeeds Vice-President prof. Ing. Stanislava Hronová, CSc., dr. h. c. who completed her second term in office. Prof. Ing. Martin Hartl, Ph.D., responsible for Technical Sciences, […]

The President of the Czech Science Foundation along with the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation awarded the five best scientific projects 29. 9. 2022

On Thursday, 29 September, five scientists from various fields of basic research received the President’s Award of the Czech Science Foundation (GA CR) for outstanding achievements. This was the 19th award ceremony in history – for the first time it was presented by Petr Baldrian, appointed President of GACR last year, together with the Minister for […]

US and Czech scientists collaborate to explore gamma-ray production with high power lasers 1. 7. 2022

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Czech Science Foundation (GACR) are funding a new collaborative project of scientists from the University of California San Diego in the U.S. and ELI Beamlines (Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences) in the Czech Republic which aims to leverage the capabilities of the ELI […]


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