UPDATE 10 APRIL: In a response to numerous requests from the scientific community, the Presidium of the Czech Science Foundation has decided to postpone the deadline for the submission of proposals into tenders already published, due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic situation in the Czech Republic, and the government’s new measures, such as the limited […]

Austrian-Czech Project Helps Fight Corona. A Solution to Decontamination of Surfaces, Facemasks, and Sensitive Objects 10. 2. 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has identified a clear need for the efficient decontamination of surfaces and objects of daily use to reduce the transmission of the virus through smear infection. The response has come from a research project funded by two research sponsors: FWF of Austria, and the Czech Science Foundation. It was the first international […]

Cooperation with the Luxembourg National Research Fund has been started 8. 2. 2021

The Czech Science Foundation (GACR) signed an agreement on cooperation with the Luxembourg National Research Fund (NRF) this week. The cooperation is based on the Weave initiative whose goal is to connect twelve research-funding European organizations together by 2025. Researchers will be able to apply for mutual projects with colleagues from Luxembourg already this year. […]

Weave: Transforming How Cross-border Research is Funded 18. 12. 2020

Today, 12 national research funding organisations, with the support of Science Europe, launch Weave, a cross-European initiative to fund and support excellent international research projects. It is the first time a large network of this scale has developed an initiative of this kind to enable bilateral and trilateral scientific cooperation in Europe. Weave aims to […]

Professor Jaroslav Koča Becomes New President of the Czech Science Foundation 10. 12. 2020

By appointment from the Czech government, structural biologist Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Koča, DrSc., takes over the helm of the Czech Science Foundation (“GACR”) today. He is replacing nuclear physicist RNDr. Alice Valkárová, DrSc., who remains member of the Presidium. Prof. Koča brings his managerial experience from the position of Scientific Director of the Central European […]

Czech Science Foundation to Support New Projects in 2021 with CZK 1 Billion 4. 12. 2020

The Czech Science Foundation (“GACR”) will put approximately CZK 1 billion (EUR 38 mil.) into new basic research projects next year out of its total budget of over CZK 4 billion. The remainder of the targeted funds is allocated to on-going projects. Apart from standard projects, the Czech Science Foundation will fund EXPRO excellence projects […]

Czech Science Foundation Approves Funding for New Standard Projects 1. 12. 2020

The Presidium of the Czech Science Foundation (“GACR”) has decided which standard projects to finance in the area of basic research in the upcoming year. Standard projects will be funded along with EXPRO, JUNIOR STAR, and international projects. Another 60 (approximately) projects will receive funding depending on the current availability of funds after partner organisations […]

Czech Science Foundation Completes Evaluation of International Projects 1. 12. 2020

The Czech Science Foundation (“GACR”) has completed the evaluations of bilateral international projects where the Lead Agency principle is used as basis of evaluation, and where the Czech Science Foundation is the evaluating agency. Final decisions on funding by the participating agencies will be announced in the next few weeks and months. LEAD AGENCY PROJECTS […]

Czech Science Foundation to Fund Nearly 50 EXPRO and JUNIOR STAR Projects 2. 11. 2020

The Czech Science Foundation (“GACR”) has selected 16 EXPRO and 30 JUNIOR STAR projects to fund, starting next year. Both grant categories aim to support excellence in all areas of basic research. JUNIOR STAR grants are designed to give young scientists in their early careers the opportunity to carry out their own research. The EXPRO […]

Top Five Scientific Projects Win the Czech Science Foundation President’s Award 30. 9. 2020

(Prague, 23 September 2020) Alice Valkárová, President of the Czech Science Foundation (“GACR”) presented her awards to five scientists for their excellence in research within projects completed in 2019. These prestigeous awards have been presented since 2003, serving as proof of the superior quality of basic research in the Czech Republic, and confirming the significance […]


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