The Czech Republic is one of the best in the world in the research of space asteroids

There are hundreds of thousands of known asteroids in the Solar System. We have detailed information on only a few thousand of them so far. The Czech Republic is a world power in creating models of these cosmic bodies. The GACR project “A big picture of the main asteroid belt – physical properties of asteroids derived by inversion of optical and infrared photometry” focused on the analysis of data on asteroids. The team led by doc. Mgr. Josef Ďurech, Ph.D., achieved to describe more than a thousand new cosmic bodies.

Model of planet Itokawa

In the area of asteroids modelling, the Czech Republic is the most productive in the world and these models are used by scientists around the world for further research and measurement. The results also serve for further basic research, for example to derive and obtain further information about the asteroid, such as its thermophysical parameters etc.

doc. Mgr. Josef Ďurech, Ph.D.
Astronomical Institute of Charles University