Organisational structure

GACR Office

Under the Charter of GACR, the Office of GACR is in charge of financial, controlling, organizational and administrative assignments resulting from GACR activities and as instructed by the President of GACR. In particular, the Office:

  • prepares background documentation and materials for the meetings of evaluation panels, discipline committees and other committees, the Scientific Advisory Board, Supervisory Board, and the Presidium of GACR;
  • drafts the budget proposal and, once approved, it is in charge of managing the budget following the President’s instructions;
  • prepares the end-of-year report for the Chamber of Deputies;
  • receives grant project proposals, develops, and administers the project and reviewer databases;
  • is in charge of organizing cooperating between GACR and R&D organizations in the Czech Republic working in partnership;
  • presents information about GACR activities to the public.

The Office is run by the Managing Director, who is appointed and removed by the President of GACR.

Organisational structure

  • Internal Audit Department

    Office Director

  • Data Protection Officer
    Section for Administration and Management
    • Department of the Secretariat
    • Legal Department
    • International Relations Department
    • Public Relations Department
  • Grant Administration Section
    • Department of Technical Sciences
    • Department of Physical Sciences
    • Department of Medical and Biological Sciences
    • Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
    • Department of Agricultural and Biological-Environmental Sciences
    • Department of EXPRO and JUNIOR STAR Projects
  • Finance and Operations Section
    • Financial department
    • Human Resources Department
    • IT Support & Development Department
    • Grant Audit Department


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